It’s close, right next door. The people who work there are friendly and very helpful. When I have a problem they are more than willing to help me find the right exact book with the info I need.

Irene P.

I’m thankful because they are quiet. They are free. They sell books. You can rent books, movies, and audiobooks. You can sign up for an iPad or computer.

Shyanne C.

Friendly, helpful staff, wide selection of books and DVDs, location, parking, hours, warm in winter, refreshing in summer, computer stations and wifi.

Robert G.

Gosh, where do I start? There are so many reasons why I am thankful for libraries. I’m thankful for the always friendly and helpful staff. The staff members at my local Beavercreek Library are very knowledgeable about their library. They know exactly where to find what I am looking for. If they don’t have it at their branch, they promptly have it sent there from another library. I am thankful for the many free programs. My kids enjoy the story times and all the fun activities offered there. I can still entertain my kids on a Saturday without breaking the bank. I am thankful for the computers, free internet and printers. When our home printer broke I turned to the library for help. I’m thankful for everything that libraries do! Keep up the good work.


They have lots of books…and computers!

Jack D.

I can read, check out movies, and do things on the computer.

Madison S.

I can pick out new games and movies to play and find books to ready to my family.

India M.

it is a quiet place to do work and it supplies me with great book like dictionaries, fiction, biographies and many more. The library provides internet access and computers which helps me with research. It is a great place for meeting people, making friends and getting help from others.

Haneefah J.

I am thankful for libraries because it teaches my child so many things. We love going to the library to pick out books, we come home and read them before bed. I believe it helps my 2 year old how to read. She loves pointing to the pictures and repeats some words I say. Then it teaches my child responsibility…she knows we BORROW the books and they are not ours to keep. We have to respect the books, because they don’t belong to us. She loves going to the library to return the books…knowing she can take out more.

Stephanie C.

As an avid reader my whole life, I find the library an enjoyable and relaxing place to find wonderful reading materials. The staff are always very helpful.

Betty M.