I am very thankful for my library because the librarians are AWESOME. Not only are they great people, but they are so helpful and make the library a fun place to be. They know us well and will set aside books for my family because they know we are interested in the topics. They have great programs for every member of the family. They are always ready with suggestions and able to pull things from shelves that are perfect for what we are studying or reading about. No one is better than the Cedarville Librarians (sorry other Greene County Library branches, it’s just the way it is).

Thank you Greene County Libraries for serving us so well. My in laws say that regardless of all the places they have lived (and they have lived MANY places – over seas and all), the Greene county public library system is THE BEST!!! Wahoo!

Thanks for all you do and all your hard work!

Sara M.

They have all kinds of books to take me away or teach me what I need to learn. And their multimedia is wonderful. Libraries keep culture in our culture.

Barbara H.

There is a wealth of information and resources available to my family and I. We use the library to borrow DVDs for entertainment, we borrow books to study for home school projects, we use the internet for both study and entertainment. We use the copier for our printing needs, we use SearchOhio when our own system doesn’t have what we needs, and we have also enjoyed using the ebook and language resources available online. The staff is knowledgeable and kind, the building and bathrooms are always clean, and there are plenty of special programs available for the whole family. Our library rocks!

Katrina B.

My children sat in on their first reading groups at the local library. When I was unemployed for a time the library gave me and my children access to books, music, movies and fun educational activities we had no other access to. Both my children love to read and I credit the library and it’s wonderful, friendly staff for this.

Terri W.

I’m thankful because the Greene County Library and it’s staff helped me graduate from college and helped with my children’s eduction.

Anna B.

The services and staff are wonderful. My daughter who is almost 4 recently got her first library card and she was thrilled to take it to school to show her teachers and classmates. It is great to have so many selections for young kids both in books and videos. The computers are a great addition in the children section. Keep up the great work. Thank you!

Leslie L.

It’s always a place to explore new things. Books, I love books. Always have. Libraries connect us to different places. Most often has or can get information needed. Fantasy – go there. Factual – go there. Historical – go there. Metaphysical – go there. Movies and entertainment, music – go there. Internet – go there. When I didn’t have a computer the library taught me the basics. Go there. Thank you!

Tim K.

I love having a place to share my love of reading with my children and the librarian are awesome. I am very thankful for them.

Christy P.

I use them!

  1. They save me tons of money.
  2. The staff is friendly and helpful.
  3. I do not need to be online at home.
  4. Using the Greene County Public Library website I can access what I need in a safe manner.
  5. It is a convenient location.

Thank you!

Pamela N.

libraries give me free access to information that would be hard to find any other way. I use Google all the time, but you can’t beat books. By browsing books , I find gems I didn’t even know might be out there. I recently became interested in honey because my brother, a beekeeper, gave me some jars of freshly harvested honey. With books from the library I found fascinating information about different kinds of honey, such as lavender honey and leatherwood honey. With an internet search I don’t think I ever would have found the great recipes for Ethiopian honey spice bread and honey almond ice cream that I found by browsing library books.

Ann S.