I am thankful for libraries because of the services and resources that they offer for free. Recently I found out through a friend that you can check out audiobooks and ebooks. I drive a mail route every week and being able to listen to the audiobooks has been a huge blessing. I am able to learn while I work, and I love it. Thank you Greene County Public Library for offering this wonderful resource!

Jenny C.

I use them!

  1. They save me tons of money.
  2. The staff is friendly and helpful.
  3. I do not need to be online at home.
  4. Using the Greene County Public Library website I can access what I need in a safe manner.
  5. It is a convenient location.

Thank you!

Pamela N.

What’s not to like about a library? I love to read and read hundreds of books a year. Where else but at the library could I fill my need for books?

Besides all the books, the best thing about the Jamestown Library is the adult programming. Not only have I learned to sew, make baskets. make soap, and lots of other things, I have meet many new and wonderful friends. There’s a large group of us that meet every Tuesday. We work on our own craft projects and share lots of laughter. We also all care about one another and it feels great to have people I can share anything with. “Tuesday night at the library” has become the highlight of my week.

Becky H.

There are so many resources available for my daughter and I. Our travels are limited so glad to have a local place for our learning and entertainment needs. We feel safe there. There are staff members that offer us help. We love the free movie nights.

Thank you for being here.

Joslyn J.

They have all kinds of books to take me away or teach me what I need to learn. And their multimedia is wonderful. Libraries keep culture in our culture.

Barbara H.

They provide multiple resources for information that is accessible in the library as well as from home or mobile.

Ada W.

They have expanded my children’s world. I am lucky enough to live next door to the Bellbrook library, which has allowed my 4 children to grow up with infinite possibilities of what to read, listen to, watch, and play. There isn’t a week that goes by that my children are not visiting the library. This has caused my children to develop a love for reading and music. The library has also been intrical in bringing my family closer together. The constant stream of new movies provides the weekend movie to our family nights. Without the library our lives would be much less enjoyable.

Elizabeth S.

They have all the great stuff I want! They feed my current video-series mania! I can read all about one news topic & follow it to really get all sides!

Alta J.

From its inception up until recently with the advent of the internet the library was the best way that anyone could gain knowledge about anything from fixing a flat tire or a souffle to exploring the depths of space or the unseen world of the microscopic. Even now with the advantage of the internet the library provides a meeting place for groups to gather and share ideas, and for many it is their portal to the internet. And the best part is that it is all free (as long as you return your items in time). Knowledge is the most important commodity in this digital age and the library provides that free of charge to EVERYONE. What is not to love.

Jim D.

I am thankful for libraries because they give me so many opportunities to live and grow and expand my world. From a book or movie I can be anyone I want to be or have any adventure just by turning pages or viewing a screen or making a selection and taking them home. I have spend 3/4 of my life in libraries and I am 62 years old. These institutions were ingrained fro me in my childhood, my teen and young adult years, collage and are still an ongoing factor in my life now!

When I need something to do to entertain my 9 grandchildren, there was always a program or activity that suited something for their various age levels (14 years to 18 mos.). I buy books for them as presents (usually from the book sales) so they can know the world outside their own homes. They have grown up expecting these on holidays and birthdays. I see their anticipation and excitement to learn. Two of them (ages 2 & 4) have thrived and excelled in early learning and computer usage. The 18 mo. old “signs” from a program that was offered to him at a very young age. The all have music and art appreciation because of libraries and will carry this into their adult lives. I personally am thankful for the computers, and skills taught to me at the library.

I so enjoy the ability to share with others on the internet (I could not afford it at home) and the connections to the vast, ever-changing world of technology. I have participated in numerous adult activities and programs offered. When questions arise or some need query, I greatly appreciate the ever encouraging staff and volunteers. I have had my taxes done free of charge. I have found so much to do, to stay active in my “senior” years at the library.

Libraries are not a thing of the past, but archives for the future, from lives long ago or lives just beginning. Mind and hearts need to expand and grow; the most wondrous thing of all is that I am still “learning” because of libraries.

Thank you God and America for providing these architectural visions of the past, present, and future…

Judith H.