I love reading, and always have. Keep up the good work.

Lois B.

They are very educational for kids and movies are always available. We need them.

Cathe H.

They allow my children to explore what interests them as well as build the foundation for future learning. I am so thankful for all the extra activities our library provides and the conscious effort the staff make to be friendly and kind to us as we use the library.


Kids spending so much time here and everybody loves it.

Parvl D.

I can always find the new books by my favorite authors. I have found new books that my son and daughter like to read as well.

Kim W.

I am thankful for libraries because they have a tremendous amount of information that you can retrieve there. I am also thankful for all the books they have to read. This gives a person a lot of knowledge with the more you read. I am thankful for the DVDs and all the ones you can check out and reserve. For, of course, I love to watch all kinds of different movies. I am thankful for the computers that you can reserve also. Libraries are a place where you can relax and just have time for yourself. I am also thankful for all the different activities they have for children and adults. I am thankful for staff who work at the libraries because they are very helpful. I also like the Fairborn Library because of the all the hours that are available for people to come to the library and need to do what is needed. I am grateful for libraries because I cannot afford the internet and I can go on the computer at the library. Libraries are good for DVDs as I use them for my entertainment. Libraries are just all around a good thing for me and my child.

Tonya G.

I am thankful that the libraries give me and my family awesome books! <3

Anna O.

We have free access to so many resources. One of the resources that I find so valuable are the librarians. The ones in the children’s department in Xenia are priceless.

Jenney D.

I can read, check out movies, and do things on the computer.

Madison S.

I can get on the computer and do research and check out movies and come just to sit and read and get books. That is why I’m thankful for libraries.

Christina S.