Everybody knows my name….or so it feels. I have been using Greene County libraries since moving here in 1991. They were part of my weekly stops when raising two children. I am very thankful for how they have kept pace with the twenty-first century with programs and resources.

Mary Z.

What’s not to like about a library? I love to read and read hundreds of books a year. Where else but at the library could I fill my need for books?

Besides all the books, the best thing about the Jamestown Library is the adult programming. Not only have I learned to sew, make baskets. make soap, and lots of other things, I have meet many new and wonderful friends. There’s a large group of us that meet every Tuesday. We work on our own craft projects and share lots of laughter. We also all care about one another and it feels great to have people I can share anything with. “Tuesday night at the library” has become the highlight of my week.

Becky H.

Books and games and cartoons.

Elijah T.

I am always coming to the library. Not only is it useful for the books, movies, and computers but it is also somewhere where I feel safe. Thank you for always being here.

Amy B.

I use the library three to four days each week as a meeting place for tutoring. This time allows the kids and I to work quietly and focus on the work before us. It is a powerful tool to show kids how important a quiet space is in order to get the work done. As a teacher, I use the library to find special books and videos to share with my class. The helpful staff is always willing to help me locate exactly what I need.

Carol W.

Let me count the ways! Knowledge, enrichment, tools, new ideas, old favorites, cooking books, how to manuals, entertainment. The list goes on. Our library truly enriches mine and my family’s lives in a way that is difficult to put into words.

Kathleen G.

They are such a wonderful, free resource! It is so helpful in our home school to be able to request whatever books we need for the subjects we are learning about. Thank you!

Alison C.

I can always watch movies and also look for jobs on the internet. It is also good for all my children. Thanks!

Matt C.

Greene County Public Library has been such a big part of our family life. During the school year, all of my children have used the reference department. The reference librarians are very knowledgeable about primary and secondary sources, and have suggested books and articles that we otherwise would have missed. We even used the Greene County Room for a social studies project a few years ago.

Our summers have been enriched by the summer reading program for years and years. We have enjoyed crafts, movies, music, special guests – both human and canine – and books, books and more books. After our children grew too old for the children’s club, they transitioned to the teen reading program.

I am thankful for the wealth of materials, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, and the outreach and involvement in the larger community. You are a gift to all of us.

Lynn E.

The library is hands on and kid friendly.

Michael D.