1. Wide selection of material.

2. Pleasant surroundings.

3. Material is free.

4. Provide access to resources beyond the local library.

5. Personnel are knowledgable, helpful, and friendly.

Shirley H.

We have free access to so many resources. One of the resources that I find so valuable are the librarians. The ones in the children’s department in Xenia are priceless.

Jenney D.

I get to read books and I get to get on the internet and get movies and games.

Bel O.

because people that can`t afford books or movies can borrow them and read and watch there favorite movies and it brings joy to us and all people and thats why i love libraries

Michelle M.

They let me visit a world I would never be able to. My daughter and I can go there and spend hours with our nose in a book. Nothing like a good book to pass a day a long.

Jennifer H.

They are the best cultural institution in my community with the exception of the state university. Everyone is welcome and can use the physical and digital property, attend programs and classes and learn about almost every subject including technology. The internet computers allow even the poorest of residents an opportunity to contact the populated, lower income areas where the need for culture is great. When there are no planned programs, local citizens have the opportunity to use library facilities for meeting of their own design. Our library has an off duty sheriff’s deputy in house in the evening to help enforce rules of polite society. Every community member is welcome to all this at no cost other than nominal county taxes.

Dora L.

I am thankful for libraries because it teaches my child so many things. We love going to the library to pick out books, we come home and read them before bed. I believe it helps my 2 year old how to read. She loves pointing to the pictures and repeats some words I say. Then it teaches my child responsibility…she knows we BORROW the books and they are not ours to keep. We have to respect the books, because they don’t belong to us. She loves going to the library to return the books…knowing she can take out more.

Stephanie C.

It is a wonderful family place to go for FREE! Me and the kids come to the library on a regular basis for books, movies, music, games, and activities. All of the staff is friendly & helpful. Thankful for the library!

Amy H.

All the activities they have throughout the year for my children. I love the large selection of books for myself, especially the adult audiobooks. I love that the librarian always has great book ideas for my nine-year-old son, he is always reading!

Annastacia S.

It’s very helpful for my children to learn and helps me in school for GED preparations. My children live it here and love getting movies, and attending activities.

Crystal J.