The library helps me raise my children.

Jennifer R.

All the activities they have throughout the year for my children. I love the large selection of books for myself, especially the adult audiobooks. I love that the librarian always has great book ideas for my nine-year-old son, he is always reading!

Annastacia S.

I love books, and because of the library, I have access to as many as I could ever hope for. I frequently stop in at the Fairborn and Beavercreek branches to feed my addiction.

Suzanne A.

It is a wonderful family place to go for FREE! Me and the kids come to the library on a regular basis for books, movies, music, games, and activities. All of the staff is friendly & helpful. Thankful for the library!

Amy H.

I get good movies and the people in it that work here.

Heather H.

My kids and I go to kids’ classes. We really enjoy the learning environment. I homeschool, and the library provides a lot of free resources for us to use! We always have a stack of books!

Rachel C.

Friendly, helpful staff, wide selection of books and DVDs, location, parking, hours, warm in winter, refreshing in summer, computer stations and wifi.

Robert G.

Let me count the ways! Knowledge, enrichment, tools, new ideas, old favorites, cooking books, how to manuals, entertainment. The list goes on. Our library truly enriches mine and my family’s lives in a way that is difficult to put into words.

Kathleen G.

I’m thankful for books and words.

Lucy D.

We are SO thankful for Winters Library and Ms. Joanne. She captivates the children while reading and they especially like the music and dancing! She crawls around on the floor with them and makes the books interactive. For fall she threw leaves in the air while reading and singing! We look forward to the many crafts she helps with. She is amazing and it wouldn’t be the same without her. Our children collect their own books to check out and play on the computer. They always look forward to spending time at Winters!

Jamine M.