Everybody knows my name….or so it feels. I have been using Greene County libraries since moving here in 1991. They were part of my weekly stops when raising two children. I am very thankful for how they have kept pace with the twenty-first century with programs and resources.

Mary Z.

They provide a great resource for home school kids. Thank you!

Tatiana F.

I am thankful for libraries because it teaches my child so many things. We love going to the library to pick out books, we come home and read them before bed. I believe it helps my 2 year old how to read. She loves pointing to the pictures and repeats some words I say. Then it teaches my child responsibility…she knows we BORROW the books and they are not ours to keep. We have to respect the books, because they don’t belong to us. She loves going to the library to return the books…knowing she can take out more.

Stephanie C.

The library gives me an outlet to do something, a moment of reprieve through music, books and resources and the opportunity to learn something new.

Nate C.

Because of everything to help me get my GED. Thank you!

David L.

I grew up at the Xenia Library. I’m thankful that it is still around providing a great service for the community. The workers are always kind and helpful. I look forward to bringing my own children here some day.

Faatihah A.

I can reserve all the movies I missed in the theater and all the books my family and I can consume with the touch of my keyboard from home. It’s so convenient and I really appreciate how much time it saves me!

Jodie R.

I can get picture books for my baby.

Margaret B.

There is a wonderful selection of books, music, and DVDs, magazines, etc. to occupy my time instead of watching TV. I can broaden my mind in a myriad of ways and then try something else that is new.

Thank you for your many services of which I only use a few. You serve so many people in so many ways.

Karrey S.

I can get nice books to read and I can come and play indoors when it is cold. Also I can get games and DVDs to take home.

Phoebe T.