I have a place I can come to enrich my mind with the many books I can read and I can expand my and my son’s imaginations. The library is a helpful place to come to complete school work and the staff is wonderful and helpful. My year old son loves me to read the books to him. We enjoy every trip to the library. We come everyday.

Zachary H.

I can download ebooks and audiobooks and not worry about going to the library to pick them up or return them. The library saves me a lot of money.

Terri H.

They have helped me so much this semester. They helped me find so many good children’s book that I could take to class and share with my classmates. Thank you for all your help and work to keep the rest of us happy and in the reading mood all the time.

Mary M.

I always think of the helpfulness of the staff. I don’t do movies, DVD, etc. but books, books on CD and computers are terrific!

Pamela N.

I think it is a good source of knowledge and entertainment. The library has many things like computers for looking at books and bean bag chairs to sink into and relax. I truly love our library and its books.

Natalie G.

I can reserve all the movies I missed in the theater and all the books my family and I can consume with the touch of my keyboard from home. It’s so convenient and I really appreciate how much time it saves me!

Jodie R.

I am thankful for libraries because it teaches my child so many things. We love going to the library to pick out books, we come home and read them before bed. I believe it helps my 2 year old how to read. She loves pointing to the pictures and repeats some words I say. Then it teaches my child responsibility…she knows we BORROW the books and they are not ours to keep. We have to respect the books, because they don’t belong to us. She loves going to the library to return the books…knowing she can take out more.

Stephanie C.

I have always loved exploring the library’s selection and reading new and interesting things and the library has helped me discover some hobbies and interests that I have. Now that I am able to read through the Overdrive Digital Downloads, it makes it easy to take Greene County Library with me where ever I go.Whether I am at school or interning in another state, I still have the option to explore the wonderful selection that they offer. I am thankful for the all the things I have read and discovered over the years!

Brittany F.

Thankful for children’s activities. Wanting to learn. Great play to play on rainy day.

Gabrielle W.

I am thankful for the libraries because my almost 2-year old gets SO excited when we pull in the library. Whether we are there for story time or to pick out stories and movies he always has fun! We love their great selection of board books and children’s movies. Most of all I love the fact that when he picks something out I can say yes, since it is free to check-out!!

Alison S.