Libraries have a wealth of knowledge. I can learn how to fix my sink, build a fence, cook new dishes, & use my recyclables creatively. I can find local news at my library. My children have learned to find books they are interested in, lsiten to mucis, & research online from our librarians. Our librarians are patient, kind & have an enthusiasm for children that wonder.

I love our library because I can learn skills at the events & workshops. We come to family movie night, lego club, & craft clubs. I’ve used their resources to look for jobs, print my resume & brush up on interviewing skills. My library empowers my family. Thank you!

Rachel G.

All the activities they have throughout the year for my children. I love the large selection of books for myself, especially the adult audiobooks. I love that the librarian always has great book ideas for my nine-year-old son, he is always reading!

Annastacia S.

The large access to children’s books for my three children to enjoy is our family’s favorite resource our Greene County Library provides.

Dustin A.

It is a wonderful family place to go for FREE! Me and the kids come to the library on a regular basis for books, movies, music, games, and activities. All of the staff is friendly & helpful. Thankful for the library!

Amy H.

All movies and the kind people that work there.

Gabriel P.

he opportunity to try/read new things.

Rob S.

I can get on the computer and do research and check out movies and come just to sit and read and get books. That is why I’m thankful for libraries.

Christina S.

There is a wonderful selection of books, music, and DVDs, magazines, etc. to occupy my time instead of watching TV. I can broaden my mind in a myriad of ways and then try something else that is new.

Thank you for your many services of which I only use a few. You serve so many people in so many ways.

Karrey S.

I love reading, and always have. Keep up the good work.

Lois B.

It’s a great place for kids. You can find many things at the library, for instance, movies, music, books. You can also use the computer, print things, and fax. You can even checkout artwork too!

Audrey M.