I am thankful for the library because it gives me a chance to escape into a whole new world when I borrow books. I learn more about the world and where my mind/imagination takes me.

Stephanie F.

I am thankful for libraries because I can learn. I am a big time reader who escapes to books when alone. I love to read and enjoy everything I read because of how it makes me feel. Thank you for all the learning opportunities.

Kathleen F.

Because of everything to help me get my GED. Thank you!

David L.

The library gives me an outlet to do something, a moment of reprieve through music, books and resources and the opportunity to learn something new.

Nate C.

They offer a wealth of knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Aaron B.

They have all of my favorite books!

James D.

I live in the country where there is no internet or cable service so I rely on the library for the internet and to get movies.

Renee W.

… I met my wife there

… they make a better community

… everyone has access

… lots of expert help from reference librarians

… I love the smell of them

Jay S.

It’s a safe and friendly environment for my kids and I to go and spend time together reading, looking for family movies, or even music.

Natalie B.

I can find what I’m looking for on an author or subject. Given more options to either. My grandchildren loves coming here to explore the computers and books.

Patty W.