The library helps me raise my children.

Jennifer R.

They let me visit a world I would never be able to. My daughter and I can go there and spend hours with our nose in a book. Nothing like a good book to pass a day a long.

Jennifer H.

The libraries give me a chance to try video games…. even new ones, without cost. Also allows me to checkout movies for my children. Most importantly however the library gives me a place to help my children learn. It allows me to get books my son is interested in while helping him learn to read. Finally the library gives me a place to go where I can interact with other members of my community.

Will H.

They are very educational for kids and movies are always available. We need them.

Cathe H.

My kids love to come and pick out books, movies and music. They have become avid readers because of the library!

Sally H.

I am thankful for the library because my children love reading and it is a place where we can take them that’s gets them excited about learning. Also it is quiet and calm, I just find it very relaxing.


I can get picture books for my baby.

Margaret B.

It’s a great place to take the kids to learn new things. The events at the library are great!

Bella V.

It’s always a place to explore new things. Books, I love books. Always have. Libraries connect us to different places. Most often has or can get information needed. Fantasy – go there. Factual – go there. Historical – go there. Metaphysical – go there. Movies and entertainment, music – go there. Internet – go there. When I didn’t have a computer the library taught me the basics. Go there. Thank you!

Tim K.

I’m thankful for libraries because as an educator with Xenia Community Schools the library has been one of my favorite places in Xenia. Nothing is more satisfying then if I am teaching a specific unit and need a book collection, instead of going to the library and looking all over for the books that I will need. I can send in a teacher collection request via the email and come and pick up the books that the fine staff has gathered for me to make my teaching successful. Not only that but, I get to keep them longer as an educator that way I don’t feel rushed to get the lesson done and the students really enjoy the books that go along with the specific unit that I am teaching. I’m also thankful because the staff at the Xenia Greene County Library are always helpful and willing to help anyone at anytime. I do love coming with my children to pick books that they enjoy to read and the children section of the library is so kid friendly and every time I have been in there all the children at the library really seem relaxed and it is almost like they are at home. I am thankful that this is a library that I can be proud of and I encourage all the citizens of Xenia to go in and experience the warmth and the hospitality of the Xenia Greene County Library.

Janice D.