All the activities they have throughout the year for my children. I love the large selection of books for myself, especially the adult audiobooks. I love that the librarian always has great book ideas for my nine-year-old son, he is always reading!

Annastacia S.

The library helps me raise my children.

Jennifer R.

For ideas such as this contest. You are always thinking. I love staff and volunteer kindness too.

Thank you for all you do.

Marisa K.

I am always coming to the library. Not only is it useful for the books, movies, and computers but it is also somewhere where I feel safe. Thank you for always being here.

Amy B.

Great service, nice people and a great selection.

Jeff H.

They are always willing to help with any and every thing. They always greet you with a smile on their face.

Jackie B.

of many many reasons. There is so much at the library to be thankful for. Especially thankful for all the friendly employees. I’ve been to others out of town through Ohio and I would have to say that our library has the nicest of all people and most helpful. Thanks!

Penny B.

They are a place for me to explore and feel free. I can check out whatever I feel interested in!

Alicia P.

They have all the great stuff I want! They feed my current video-series mania! I can read all about one news topic & follow it to really get all sides!

Alta J.

It is a wonderful family place to go for FREE! Me and the kids come to the library on a regular basis for books, movies, music, games, and activities. All of the staff is friendly & helpful. Thankful for the library!

Amy H.